Tuesday, March 6, 2007

It is FREEEEEEEEZING!!! (Looks like we aren't in the Carribean anymore)

Well, it's super cold out. Schools have been closed today and most of the roads in Dufferin county are closed. It is supposed to be around -35 degrees celcius with the windchill today and frost bite will attack any exposed skin within 10 minutes. The winds are blowing again today and there aren't many people outside. I just took Maggie for a walk and normally the cold doesn't bother her because she loves her morning walk but today proved to be too much and we had to cut it short. So I'll have another sip of my hot chocolate, and here is to another freezing day in Ontario.

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Norm & Debra said...

I know!! it was soooo cold when I got up to shovel this morning