Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's a...B O Y ! ! !

On Friday Colin and I had our ultrasound appointment. We were so excited to find out we are having a big, healthy baby boy! We would have been excited no matter what but Colin really wanted to have a boy first and Colin's family is excited since Colin is the last one in the family to carry on the Cook name. I am about 5 months pregnant now, and the picture of me is at 4 months so I'm gettig bigger and by the sounds of it, it wont be slowing down any time soon since I'm having a big bruzer of a baby! Should be fun getting that out : 0 We wasted no time getting paint for the baby room and I have lots of decorating and shopping to do! yeah! So thats the update, hope you can make out something from the ultrasound pictures.

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