Saturday, December 8, 2007

We are finally in the new house!!!!

Hey everybody, we are finally moved and we are now at 64 Elizabeth street, orangeville ON l9w 1c6. We are super excited and after and VERY long day on thursday we are finally completely moved in and we are now just getting everything in it's place. Colin and I put up the Christmas tree last night so now hings feel a little more like home. It's much bigger then the last house and we have an extra living room, bathroom and baby room. I am really excited to get the baby rom started and as soon as the plumbing is done I am all about setting up the salon just the way I like it. We will be having our ultrasound next friday so hopefully then we will find out the gender of the baby and decide how we are going to decorate his/her room! : ) yeah! Maggie is slowly adjusting to the new house and new smells but she loves all the space and she loves her new huge back yard. She isnt sure about everything yet but she is a pretty adjustable dog as long as I am around so I know she will be fine. Colin is a a little moe caught up on sleep and we are working away to make this house our home!


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i'll have to come see your new house sometime! don't know when that'll be though