Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10 Weeks to Go!!!!!

Hey everyone
I am now 30 weeks pregnant which means there are only ten more weeks to go! Things are getting busy here with both of us working and trying to fit in more doctors appointments and hospital tours and baby showers and so on. It is getting more and more exciting every day as we get closer and closer. All of Colin's aunts and uncles bought us a beautiful baby swing that plays music and does all kinds of things and it is soooo cute. Thank you everybody! I will get a picture of it up soon. Colin's aunt Linda also brought us all of her little people sets which ended up being a HUGE tub of individually wrapped little people. The baby room is done and the outfit my mom and I got for Noah's coming home day is laying in the crib until we pack it to go. Noah is getting much bigger now and instead of kicks and movements he does more stretching along my ribs or pokes out an elbow. A few nights ago he got the hiccups really bad and I could tell he was annoyed about it, I think we are going to have a very interesting little boy on our hands in 10 weeks. He already has such a personality. Well, that is the update. Medically things are right on target. He is about 3 pounds and is 16 inches long (approx) and I am growing right no target (atleast thats what they tell me; I feel huge!) Thank you to everyone for prayers and support I will keep you updated.


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