Monday, March 17, 2008

32 Weeks Pregnant...8 Weeks Left!

Well there are only 8 weeks left and part of me is nervous but most of me just can't wait to get this over with! It's exciting to watch the baby grow and your body change but once you get big it's pretty much just really uncomfortable and you just can't wait to be back to your old self again. (and be able to fit around things again) At this stage Noah should be around 19 inches long and around 4 pounds. It feels like he weighs a million! We have still been great medically which makes for a more enjoyable and less stressful pregnancy and my next dr's appointment will be tomorrow so I will get to check everything out just to make sure but so far things have been fabulous and hopefully will continue that way for the next 8 wks. My sister in law Debra just found out that she will be having her second child so congrats to Norm and Debra and for the next 8 weeks my sister and I get to be pregnant together : ) Some of my friends have started poles on Noah's birthday, weight, hair colour and time of birth. Feel free to make any guesses it's interesting to hear what people think!

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